[smartmontools-support] SAMSUNG HD103SJ failures - Spin_Up_Time + IDNF

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Sat Jul 31 15:27:36 CEST 2021

Claudio Kuenzler wrote:
>     > ,,,
>     > P.S. is this the "old" mailing list? If so, what is the new one?
>     This is the new one.
>     > Have you considered moving to a more modern Q&A platform like
>     StackExchange (even use an existing one like ServerFault)?
>     See similar discussion 9+ years ago:
>     https://www.smartmontools.org/ticket/217
> Just want to throw-in my 2 cents concerning this suggestion.
> NO
> Why? Because mailing lists are publicly available, often times 
> mirrored by other mailing list archives, you have them in your mailbox 
> for personal archive etc.
> So you can find something again.
> It's a matter of time until privately owned platforms (such as 
> StackExchange) might suddenly start charging to read answers (Experts 
> Exchange). Or the service might be attacked and is down right then 
> when you need it.
> A public discussion board, such as the one suggested in ticket 217, is 
> generally a better idea, but I've seen exactly this happening with the 
> monitoring plugins mailing list.
> Everything was moved from mailing list to a discussion board (not sure 
> which one) and because people have abandoned the project and problems 
> with DSGVO/GDPR and technical security vulnerabilities of the 
> discussion board started to arise, the discussion board was shut down. 
> Including all archives. Everything is gone. And there was a lot of 
> helpful information there which would still apply today. Just visit 
> https://monitoring-portal.org/ to see for yourself.
> A mailing list might be old-style, I agree. But it's the safest way to 
> keep the shared information alive.


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