[smartmontools-support] SAMSUNG HD103SJ failures - Spin_Up_Time + IDNF

Claudio Kuenzler napsty at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 08:46:52 CEST 2021

> > ,,,
> > P.S. is this the "old" mailing list? If so, what is the new one?
> This is the new one.
> > Have you considered moving to a more modern Q&A platform like
> StackExchange (even use an existing one like ServerFault)?
> See similar discussion 9+ years ago:
> https://www.smartmontools.org/ticket/217

Just want to throw-in my 2 cents concerning this suggestion.


Why? Because mailing lists are publicly available, often times mirrored by
other mailing list archives, you have them in your mailbox for personal
archive etc.
So you can find something again.

It's a matter of time until privately owned platforms (such as
StackExchange) might suddenly start charging to read answers (Experts
Exchange). Or the service might be attacked and is down right then when you
need it.

A public discussion board, such as the one suggested in ticket 217, is
generally a better idea, but I've seen exactly this happening with the
monitoring plugins mailing list.
Everything was moved from mailing list to a discussion board (not sure
which one) and because people have abandoned the project and problems with
DSGVO/GDPR and technical security vulnerabilities of the discussion board
started to arise, the discussion board was shut down. Including all
archives. Everything is gone. And there was a lot of helpful information
there which would still apply today. Just visit
https://monitoring-portal.org/ to see for yourself.

A mailing list might be old-style, I agree. But it's the safest way to keep
the shared information alive.
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