[smartmontools-support] smartmontools reponse as object instead of string

Jose Alvarez alvarezjose at vmware.com
Tue Feb 12 19:30:42 CET 2019

Hello SmartmonTools folks,

We are in the process of  evaluating smartmontools as a possible source of data of drive health. After running it on several text systems we have noticed that the response it produces is text based and can vary by vendors. We were wondering if there is a way to obtain the smartmontools data in a more structured format (json, xml, binary), rather than a text to be parsed.

As you'd imagine text parsing is prone to breaking and we are looking for a more robust mechanism to gather the data.

I hope you can provide any information that would be helpful in this matter.



Jose Alvarez
alvarezjose at vmware.com
<mailto:alvarezjose at vmware.com%0b>Mobile: 737.216.3110


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