[smartmontools-support] smartctl fails to read SMART data from one HDD in multi bay USBtoSATA enclosure

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Wed Mar 21 13:32:10 CET 2018


Menion wrote:
> I have a 5 slots, multi bay USBtoSATA enclosure from Orico, running 
> JMicron JMS567
> This multi-bay supports also hardware RAID, but I am using it in multi 
> disk configuration, where each HDD show up a a "JMicron SCSI HDD"

The JMS567 is a USB to SATA bridge with one SATA port. So there must be 
some RAID capable port multiplier like JMB393/394 behind the USB bridge.

> The problem is that I can read and operate SMART on 4 of the bay 
> except the first one, check the attached log.
> The HDD are identicals and the problem affects also other HDDs type

A similar problem was reported 2010 for a device with JMB393. See this 
thread on our old mailing list:

> With the companion Management tool for Windows the SMART data can be 
> read instead.

Which proves that there is some vendor specific ATA pass-through 
functionality available. Unfortunately, JMicron did not reply to my 
request for information, see:

> I am available for any test, the device is currently using USB storage 
> instead of uas due to some stability problems and smartctl is
> self-compiled from a git pull made a couple of weeks ago

If possible, please test the JMraidcon tool mentioned in ticket #705. 
Don't do this on a production machine, as the tool uses actual ATA WRITE 
commands to a specific sector.


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