[Smartmontools-database] two new HDDs: Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6

serando serando at sunrise.ch
Sun Nov 6 22:53:35 CET 2022


I have bought a new HDD. According to GSmartControl there is a lack:
"Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6"
Quote: "|0x03 0x030 4 6 --- Number of Mechanical Start Failures"|

So I have sent this drive back and got a replacement.

Then I have tested also the replacement. Result: Same issue:
Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6

As I had the same lack on both HDDs, I doubt, that this is a HDD lack. 
Maybe I misinterpret the GSmartControl output?

GSmartControl Output of the first drive: 
GSmartControl Output of the second drive (Replacement): 

Would appreciate some clarification. Thank you.
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