[Smartmontools-database] two new HDDs: Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Mon Nov 7 10:31:01 CET 2022


serando via Smartmontools-database wrote:
> I have bought a new HDD. According to GSmartControl there is a lack:

This is the wrong list. Please send support questions to the 
smartmontools-support list:
The smartmontools-database list is solely for requesting drive database 
additions. It has only few subscribers.

Also note that GSmartControl is an independent project not maintained by 
smartmontools developers. Its author is not subscribed to this 
smartmontools-database list but may be subscribed to the 
smartmontools-support list.

> "Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6"
> Quote: "|0x03 0x030 4 6 --- Number of Mechanical Start Failures"|

Please do not provide such small snippets without context (smartctl 
version number and platform, disk identity, ...). Provide a 'smartctl 
-x' output as an attachment, add '-q noserial' if desired.

> So I have sent this drive back and got a replacement.
> Then I have tested also the replacement. Result: Same issue:
> Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6

If this number does not increase over time this is possibly a harmless 
firmware bug (e.g. wrong initialization during production).

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