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International Media Development: Historical Perspectives and New
Edited by Nicolas Benequista, Susan Abbott, Paul Rothman and Winston
New York et al.: Peter Lang, 2019, xvi, 278 pp.


"This collection is the first of its kind on the topic of media
development. It brings together luminary thinkers in the field—both
researchers and practitioners—to reflect on how advocacy groups,
researchers, the international community and others can work to ensure
that media can continue to serve as a force of democracy and
development. But that mission faces considerable challenges. Media
development paradigms are still too frequently associated with Western
prejudices, or out of touch with the digital age. As we move past
Western blueprints and into an uncertain digital future, what does media
development mean? If we are to act meaningfully to shape the future of
our increasingly mediated societies, we must answer this question."

1. Introduction / Nicholas Benequista, Susan Abbott, Paul Rothman,
Winston Mano

Part One: Theories and Histories
2. Global Media: New Issues, Old Story / Marc Raboy
3. Media Development and the Market for Loyalties / Monroe E. Price
4. Redefining Media Development: A Demand-Driven Approach / Mark M.
5. Evaluating Success: What Should We Be Measuring? / Susan Abbott
6. A Sketch of Media Development: From Meeting Point to Field? / Silvio

Part Two: Democratic and Social Challenges
7. . Media Development and the Political Marketplace / Nicole Stremlau
8. Fake News and Disinformation: Promoting Facts with Press Freedoms /
Douglas Grin
9. Gender, Research, and Media Development: A Feminist Perspective on
Media Structures / Carolyn M. Byerly
10. Media Capture: Media Ownership, Oligarchs, and the Challenge of
Developing Independent Media / Marius Dragomir
11. The New Normal: Transnational Authoritarian Threats to Independent
Media / Shanthi Kalathil

Part Three: Regional Perspectives
12. Refocusing Media Development in Africa / Winston Mano
13. The Impact of Foreign Aid on the Development of Media and
Communication in Latin America / María Soledad Segura
14. India’s Media Development Seesaw: Advancement and Vulnerability in
the World’s Largest Democracy / Savyasaachi Jain
15. The State of Media Development in Eastern Europe and the Former
Soviet Republics / Gillian McCormack

Part Four: Models, Strategies, and Practices
16. How the Fault-lines in Media Development Assistance Make Us
Ill-Prepared for the Future: A Densely Potted Historical Analysis /
James Deane
17. Media Literacy in the Context of Media Development: Framework,
Interventions, and Assessment / Tatjana Ljubic
18. Local News: A Shift to Hyperlocal? / Michelle Betz
19. Solutions Journalism and a Normative Model for Media Development /
Tom Jacobson
20. The Enduring Place of Investigative Journalism in Media Development
/ Drew Sullivan
21. Public Service Broadcasting and Media Development / Minna Aslama
Horowitz, Davor Marko
22. Media Development and Media Reform: Time for Change / Des Freedman,
Jonathan A. Obar

Part Five: Digital Media and Convergence
23. Digital Convergence and Its Implications for Media Development /
Daniel O’Maley
24. The Revenue Paradox of Digital News Media / Michelle J. Foster
25. Media Development in the Digital Age / Tara Susman-Peña
26. How Scholarship on Media Development Can Make a Dierence / Guy

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