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Communication in international development: doing good or looking
good?edited by Florencia Enghel and Jessica Noske Turner
Routledge, 2018, 182 p.
ISBN 978-1-138-56992-8

This book is available for free online reading during the next 60 days
at https://rdcu.be/4fuv


Introduction: Communication in international development: towards
theorizing across hybrid practices / Florencia Enghel & Jessica

Part 1. "For" and "about": Interrogating practices across domains.
1. A ′success story′ unpacked: doing good and communicating do-gooding
in The Videoletters Project [Bosnia-Herzegovina] / Florencia Enghel
2. 'Doing good′ and ′looking good′ in global humanitarian reporting: Is
philanthro-journalism good news? [IRIN News] / Martin Scott, Kate
Wright, Mel Bunce
3. Shifting development discourses in public and in private: The case of
the Scotland-Malawi partnership / Ben Wilson
4. Communication about development and the challenge of doing well:
Donor branding in the West Bank / Karin Wilkins

Part 2. What next? Rethinking conventional approaches
5. Becoming visible: an institutional histories approach to
understanding practices and tensions in communication for development
[UNICEF] / Jessica Noske-Turner, Jo Tacchi, Vinod Pavarala
6. For celebrity communication about development to do good: Reframing
purpose and discourses / Lauren Kogen
7. Communication and evaluation: Can a decision-making hybrid reframe an
age-old dichotomy? / Ricardo Ramirez & Wendy Quarry
8. Communicating development results in an emerging "post-aid" era /
Peter da Costa
Epilogue: What′s bad about "looking good"? Can it be done better? /
Silvio Waisbord

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