[FoME] Live stream: international conference on free and independent media in Bogotá, Colombia (this afternoon: 2:30 pm, November 18, 2015)

Ute Lange ute.lange at dw.com
Mi Nov 18 13:02:11 CET 2015

Dear colleagues,

DW Akademie is co-sponsoring an international conference on the challenges 
to independent media in Latin America, to take place this week in Bogotá, 
Colombia, under the auspices of the Office of the Special Rapporteur for 
Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and 
UNESCO. Other sponsoring organizations include CIMA and the National 
Television Authority of Colombia. Earlier this year, DW Akademie and CIMA 
have been discussing the nexus between governance and free media with 
thought leaders in Bonn and Washington. The meeting in Bogotá will serve 
as an opportunity to discuss what the international community can do to 
better assist media development in the region.

The conference, “Medios libres e Independientes en sistemas mediáticos 
plurales y diversos” will aim to foster dialogue between civil society, 
government actors, the media, and academic experts about how these groups 
can work together to overcome the difficulties that countries in the 
region have faced in building free and independent media systems. 
Discussion will focus on standards of freedom of expression and regulation 
of broadcast medial; investigative reporting and accountability; 
indicators for sustainability  of the media; the impact of the digital age 
on the media and journalism; regulatory standards and best practices to 
prevent and reduce media concentration; and the role of international 
cooperation in the development of independent media.

More informaiton on our #mediadev pages:
A live stream with selected conference panels can be followed here today 
(November 18, 2015) at 2:30 pm in Germany, 8:30 am in Bogotá, 1:30 pm UTC.



Best regards

Ute Lange
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