[FoME] Protecting Child Rights: the Missing Media Link

Thomas Baerthlein tbaerthlein at internews.eu
Fr Jul 4 16:28:11 CEST 2014

Internews Europe has published a comprehensive report
"Protecting the rights of children: the role of the media - Lessons from
India, Kenya and Brazil"

Nearly 300 million children in these three countries are living in
conditions where their most basic rights are violated - through violence,
under education and malnutrition, for example. There is tremendous potential
and a demonstrable need for media and communications to contribute to the
protection of child rights. The research
finds that a wide range of factors currently inhibit media in the three
country samples - India, Brazil and Kenya - from playing a more substantive
role in promoting awareness of child rights, as well as in helping children
realise their rights and in holding the government accountable.

_Thumbnail.jpg''Our content analysis of leading media outlets
Studies_2014.pdf>  shows that the media mostly talk about children, but
hardly ever with them. Children's voices are not being heard. Furthermore,
most of the coverage is just news. There is a lack of in-depth reporting,
background analysis and discussion about political solutions. Unfortunately,
the situation is not better in digital or social media either. These new
platforms are hardly used to promote debate on child rights, neither by the
media nor by civil society." Thomas Baerthlein, Project Director

Internews Europe has produced a set of recommendations to make sure that
crucial information is being shared between key stakeholders and,
ultimately, to break down the barriers preventing media from more
comprehensively tacking child rights violations. "We recommend the creation
of more youth journalists and youth media centres. We are also aware that
incentives need to be established for journalists to specialise in child
rights, including bespoke training, fellowships and awards for best
reporting on child rights issues. Two other essential aspects are to improve
Civil Society Organisations and media networking through workshops,
networks, field visits and training as well as establishing and monitoring
guidelines for reporting on child rights. The combination of these 4 themes
will have a direct impact on the protection of child rights and lead to
change." Francesca Silvani, Internews Europe Senior Director of Programmes.

During the second half of 2013, Internews Europe undertook intensive
research to provide evidence to inform a long-term strategy to improve the
way in which child rights are reported, debated, addressed and defended in
different settings.



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