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DW Akademie: New publication -- Analyzing media freedom rankings

While press freedom rankings determine national and international media 
policies, it is not always clear how objective these rankings really are. 
A new DW Akademie publication takes a closer look. 

In the first of a new publication series, Edition DW Akademie, media 
researcher Laura Schneider uses data as well as interviews with experts to 
examine the methodology used in each of the five best known press freedom 
indices. She investigates the advantages and disadvantages of each index 
and points to aspects which could be improved.
Schneider’s biggest criticism is that the ratings aren't objective, often 
being carried out by a handful of academics or media experts who are 
mostly from western countries. This inevitably results in a bias, 
especially as the majority of the ranking organizations fail to state 
their individual definition of media freedom.

Edition DW Akademie is a new series of publications that examine issues 
related to journalism, media policy and media development.

Edition DW Akademie #1/2014
Media Freedom Indices. What They Tell Us – And What They Don’t
Responsible: Petra Berner, Christian Gramsch
Bonn 2014; 71 pages
Available under www.dw-akademie.de

This book is funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation 
and Development (BMZ).

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DW Akademie
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