[FoME] Obstacles to "Media Integrity" in South East Europe

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Media integrity matters: reclaiming public service values in media and
Ljubljana: Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and
Political Studies, 2014, 445 p.


Aus der Einleitung:

This book is an attempt to address obstacles to a democratic
development of media systems in the countries of South East Europe by
mapping patterns of corrupt relations and practices in media policy
development, media ownership and financing, public service broadcasting,
and journalism as a profession. It introduces the concept of media
integrity to denote the public-service values of media and journalism.
In analyzing the current situation of the media, the focus was on the
assessment of factors that have been identified as posing a risk to
media integrity, with an overview of past developments if relevant for
understanding the current situation. Five countries were covered by the
research presented in this book: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.

Ein "Inventory of risks" (S. 44-49) benennt 76 Faktoren, die der
Entwicklung eines "integren" Mediensektors in Südosteuropa


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