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Mo Jun 17 12:38:21 CEST 2013

Dear colleagues,

dear friends,

the website of the VIII. International Conference on Cultural Policy Research is online.

www.iccpr2014.de(http://www.iccpr2014.de/)(http://iccpr2014.de/(http://www.iccpr2014.de/" style="color: rgb(17, 85, 204);" target="_blank">http://www.iccpr2014.de)

The conference will take place in Hildesheim, Germany from 9-12 September 2014, followed by an additional program taking place in Berlin on 12-13 September.

Also the call for proposals has been opened: http://iccpr2014.de/guidelines-for-proposals/
Thank you very much for handing in your proposals no later than 1 February 2014.

Please forward this email to your colleagues.

kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
Dr. Daniel Gad

University of Hildesheim, Department of Cultural Policy, UNESCO Chair "Cultural Policy for
the Arts in Development"

The ICCPR2014 will be organized by the Department of Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim, in collaboration with the International Journal of Cultural Policy. The Department hosts the UNESCO Chair “Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development”.

ICCPR2014 aims to provide a space for exploring cultural policies, their meanings, roles and impact in an interdisciplinary and international environment. This ICCPR2014 exploration is not restricted to the contemporary
period, or any geographical area. The conference assumes no fixed understanding of the concepts of culture or policy.

 In general terms, ICCPR2014 sees cultural policies as the regulation, promotion, and discouragement of practices and values by institutions and individuals, public and private. Furthermore, ICCPR2014 maintains that cultural
policies and their effects can be explicit and implicit, or latent.

 In Germany, where the ICCPR2014 takes place, cultural policy is most commonly understood as Gesellschaftspolitik, or ‘society policy‘. Whilst this will form one of the main themes of the conference, encompassing the broad field of culture and
development and especially the relations of cultural policy, the arts and development processes in society, the ICCPR2014 will be welcoming papers from across the whole spectrum of cultural policy studies.

The city of Hildesheim boasts two UNESCO world heritage sites. The ICCPR2014 itself will take place on the Kulturcampus Domäne Marienburg, a fortress dating back to the fifteenth century, now the home of Cultural Studies at the University of Hildesheim. The campus is reached by a ten minute shuttle ride from the city, or a twenty minute cycle ride alongside the river Innerste. Bicycles will be provided by the conference. On the final day, after the official closing plenary session, the participants will have the chance to move to Berlin for an exclusive meeting with cultural policy makers and directors of cultural institutions at one of the world´s most vibrant cultural hot spots located two hours by fast train from Hildesheim.

 The conference will be conducted in English, although it is anticipated that some sessions, involving local, regional and national policy-makers and practitioners, will be conducted in German. The call for proposals has already been posted at the conference website (<a href=)). Conference registration will be opened at February 1, 2014.
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