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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, 

We would like to invite you to the *public movie screening of "Open Access"*
on the *23rd of August at 7 p*m on the first floor in *67 Wilhelmstr, 10117

2013 is a critical year for EU-Ukraine relations, as the Association Agreement
(including its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area) between Ukraine and the
EU is considered to be signed at the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in
November this year. But what do the EU citizens really know about Ukraine? The
country which seems so close, and yet so far... Documentary Almanac "Open
Access", which was made on the initiative of NGO "Centre UA", shows the
establishment of civil society in Ukraine and also depicts life stories of the
main characters. They live in different regions of Ukraine, they do not know
each other, they have different backgrounds and beliefs, and the only thing
which unites them is their active civil position and desire to achieve justice
by means of the Law "On Access to Public Information." The events shown in the
almanac took place after the law, which had been lobbied by NGOs, journalists
and experts for several years, came into force. 


About the movie 

The Almanac consists of five novels: Mezhyhirya, Afgan war veteran, School,
House with Chimeras, Cornered. Of which we will be screening: Mezhyhirya,
House with Chimeras, Cornered. 

The most scandalous novel is *"Mezhyhirya"*, named after the former state
residence, which in a non-transparent way has become a private area of the
current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Sergii Leshenko, journalist of
the online newspaper "Ukrayinska Pravda", has been investigating who owns a
residence in Mezhyhirya and on what basis the President of Ukraine resides
there. The task is almost hopeless because none of the officials is going to
cooperate. However, the new Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information"
should fundamentally change the situation... 

*"House with Chimeras"* In the centre of Kyiv a few buildings of
architectural, historical and cultural value were left on the verge of
disappearance. Among them - Murashko house, the house of a world famous
Ukrainian artist. Municipal authorities sold the building to the private owner
and all inhabitants were evicted. Only one family refused to move to the
capital outskirts - a family of Alexander Glukhov, associate professor of the
National Aviation University. He didn't only refuse to move out, but also
began to struggle for physical existence of cultural heritage. 

*"Cornered"* Citizens of a small village in the Central Ukraine, mainly older
people, are cut off from civilization. There is neither shop nor post-office
in the village and they have to walk 9 km to the nearest bus station. Zoya
Shulga, a village resident, decides to take advantage of the Law "On Acess to
Public Information" in order to survive in the settlement, which is on the
verge of extinction and to convince desperate villagers to act. 

We are happy to announce that *Alisa Ruban*, manager of the project on Access
to Public Information in one of the leading Ukrainian NGOs "Centre UA" will be
with us to give further insight into the movie and the topic in general. 
The NGO's purpose is to protect human rights to ensure effective
self-organization of citizens and their influence on authorities. Alisa also
has experience in political sphere - as an International Secretary of young
political party "Democratic Alliance" in the Ukraine. 

Movie Screening: "Open Access" [LINK: http://www.humboldt-viadrina.org/veranstaltungen/kooperationsveranstaltungen/movie-screening-open-access/]



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