[FoME] Training material for rural radio broadcasters

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mi Mär 22 09:10:04 CET 2006

Von der UNESCO-Website:

A CD Rom entitled "Global Goals - Local Action: Rural radio
broadcasters mobilize in support of the United Nations Millennium
Development Goals" was just published and is now being distributed to
more than 500 community radio stations in Africa. 
The CD-ROM was jointly produced by UNESCO and the Canada based
Developing Countries Farm Radio Network (DCFRN) with the aim to enhance
quality radio programming and to invite radio producers to evaluate
radio scripts and to take part in a radio script writing competition
both of which focus on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

The CD-ROM contains 30 radio scripts featuring the MDGs and sample
radio programmes. It is accompanied by a booklet explaining the CD-ROM
and the MDGs radio script writing competition. The scripts are selected
from an outstanding script collection produced and managed by DCFRN in
collaboration with rural and community based radio broadcasters
throughout Africa. 

A winning script will be selected for each MDG and published in an
upcoming script package. All winners will receive a Sony MiniDisc
recorder and microphone. 

The script evaluation questionnaire which is distributed with the
CD-ROM will determine to what degree the scripts are useful to the work
of community and rural radio stations and relevant to the audience. The
evaluation also intends to assess to what extent the scripts can be
adapted to the local context. 

This UNESCO/DCFRN joint initiative aims to enhance the capacity and
production skills of radio producers in developing countries by
providing resources that will increase both the quality and the quantity
of locally created and adapted radio content. 

Bibliographic reference: 
Global Goals * Local Action. Rural radio broadcasters mobilize in
support of the United Nations Millennium Goals . * Paris: UNESCO, 2006
(CD-ROM, bilingual)

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