[FoME] Youth Radio for Peacebuilding * a guide

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
So Mär 19 12:02:42 CET 2006


Dear radio Colleagues,

Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa (RFPA) is glad to inform you that the guidebook “Youth Radio for Peacebuilding * a guide” is now available. 

Youth radio is a tool with tremendous power to build peace. Just as youth are deeply involved in conflict, so too they have the possibility to play a role in building peace. Radio has the potential to harness the creativity of young people. This guidebook has been written with such young people in mind. It is designed to help them and those who work with them design and produce entertaining radio programmes which help construct a peaceful future. 

The basis of this guide was developed in September 2005 at a workshop in Ghana bringing together presenters and producers from 12 sub-Saharan African countries who explored the skills necessary to make youth programmes which engage the audience and have a positive rather than negative impact, helping resolve rather than inflame conflict. The principles below include new ways of seeing their roles, new perspectives on conflict, and new objectives and techniques for presenting their programmes.     

“Youth Radio for Peacebuilding * a guide” is currently accessible on our website
in the manuals section and on CD-Rom (with other guidebooks), available on request; radiopeaceafrica at sfcg.be. Please send an email with your name, the name of your radio station, and your full postal address.

You can also access other training guidebooks on our website, and many more audio and written documents that could be of interest to you.  

RFPA is a project of Search for Common Ground, an international NGO that works in the field of conflict transformation. The RFPA project aims to develop, spread and encourage the use of radio broadcasting techniques and content for peacebuilding. 

Best regards,

Yannick De Mol

Project Manager (Brussels)



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