[smartmontools-support] disk not reallocating bad sectors

Jürgen Bausa Juergen.Bausa at web.de
Thu Oct 28 19:35:25 CEST 2021

I think what I did with "fsck -c /dev/sda1" is somehow the linux 
equivalent to what you are proposing. It does not rely on sectors 
marked as bad. Instead it tries to read each sector and if this 
is not possible, it will no longer used for the fs.

So the main problem is solved (possibilty of a coruppted fs). But 
the remaining pending sectors are "ugly". And I still do not understand
why they are not reallocated. Maybe I will get some answers from WD.


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> Betreff: Re: [smartmontools-support] disk not reallocating bad sectors
> My thoughts were to create a pseudo-uncorrectable sector and then run an 
> OS tool which scans the entire drive and forces the OS to update its bad 
> block map. I'm not familiar with Linux file systems, but I know that 
> NTFS has a $BADCLUS metafile. I believe this metafile would be updated 
> by CHKDSK or ScanDisk if any sector/cluster fails the surface scan.
> This method wouldn't reallocate a bad sector, but it would prevent the 
> OS from using it. Or so I think ...
> -Franc
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