[smartmontools-support] Values in 'Device Statistics' do not match values in 'SMART Attributes Data Structure'

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Thu Mar 1 07:18:52 CET 2018

Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:
> There is a report for TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 drive:https://github.com/linuxhw/SMART/blob/master/HDD/Toshiba/DT01/DT01ACA050/F854DCE4CB62
> The value of 'Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors' in 'Device Statistics' is 26037. But there is no any corresponding errors reported in the 'SMART Attributes Data Structure' table. Can I trust 'Device Statistics' table in this case and assume that the number of uncorrectable errors is not zero for this drive?

Normally I would trust Device Statistics because it is part of the ATA 
standards. SMART Attributes are always vendor specific. In this case the 
'Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors' may be bogus because the SMART 
error logs are still empty and there are no other signs of trouble.

ACS-4 Rev 20 says:
" Description:
Uncorrectable errors that occur during background activity shall not be 
... Initialization
This statistic shall be cleared to zero at the time of manufacture.

Perhaps the firmware violates one of the above.


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