[smartmontools-support] smartctl / Airflow_Temperature_Cel, In_the_past-values

Robert Gruber rubbish at utanet.at
Thu Feb 15 05:58:01 CET 2018

On 2018-02-14 22:43, Bruce Allen wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Before your fan malfunction, the highest temperature that your disk had
> reached was below the design threshold.  During the fan malfunction,
> your disk went above the design threshold temperature.  As a result, the
> disk is now marked as having exceeded the "old age" failure threshold.
> This is because the worst value "43" is below the threshold value "45".
> However currently the value of 62 is well above the threshold.  So
> currently the temperature is within the acceptable operating range.
> If the drive has fluid bearings and is now acting OK, then you can
> probably ignore this overtemperature in the past.  But for example if
> you return the disk under warranty then it's possible that Seagate will
> say that you have operated it under conditions not covered by the
> warranty, and won't service/replace it.
> I don't know how to interpret the "in the past" values.  Seagate might
> tell you if you ask them.

Hello Bruce!

Thank you for your answer! As Christian Franke (Thanks) already 
suggested I shortly asked Seagate and got this answer:

"Dear Robert Gruber:

Thank you for contacting Seagate Support. From your email, we understand 
that you would like to know about the SMART values from the third-party 
utility 'smartmontools'. We will be glad to assist you with this.

Please note that third-party diagnostic tool test results may not 
reliable for Seagate drives and the SMART values that might be read out 
by third-party SMART software are not based on how the values may be 
used within the Seagate hard drives. Seagate does not provide support 
for software programs that claim to read individual SMART attributes and 

In this instance, we suggest that you run the SMART test using Seatools 
for DOS and provide us report whether it has not been tripped or 
tripped. SeaTools for DOS is a bootable version. You should burn the 
SeaTools.ISO onto a CD.

SeaTools for DOS - Bootable .ISO File:


SeaTools for DOS – Application:


SeaTools for DOS - User Guide:


SeaTools for DOS - Knowledge article:


Note: The Fix All long and Fix All Fast attempts to repair any problem 
unreadable LBAs (sectors) it might detect. It is important to know that 
when the sector is bad and unreadable, any data in it is already lost. 
As an advisory statement, we would like to inform you that repairing the 
disk, deleting, erasing, formatting, or partitioning your drive will 
permanently delete the data (pictures, videos, music, and documents),and 
Seagate may not be able to recover it without it incurring a cost.

Please get back to us with the SeaTools for DOS SMART test results, 
based on which we will analyze and assist you further. Awaiting for your 
response at the earliest.

Please reply to this email if you require further assistance.

Seagate Support"

Probably I should ask HGST ;-)

Robert Gruber

> Cheers,
> 	Bruce
> On 10.02.18 11:09, Robert Gruber wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have a Seagate Barracuda XT ST33000651AS and during a malfunction of a
>> fan which was in the mean while solved I got these values now:
>> 190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0x0022   062   043   045    Old_age   Always
>> In_the_past 38 (0 84 40 38 0)
>> State before:
>> 190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0x0022   052   052   045    Old_age   Always
>>      -       48 (Min/Max 23/48)
>> I understand these values but can not find any help under man pages for
>> the values in the brackets (next to In_the_past).
>> Can anybody tell me what meaning they have ?
>> Sincerely,
>> Robert Gruber
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