[smartmontools-support] CCISS Windows Support

Dan Lukes dan at obluda.cz
Fri Apr 13 16:03:32 CEST 2018

Christian Franke:
> Unfortunately there is no change since this ~10 year old mail on old support ML:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/smartmontools/mailman/message/19671959/
> This would at least require documentation (or sample sourcecode) for pass-through functionality (if any) in CCISS Windows driver and access to a test machine.
> Does a vendor specific Windows tool exist which could access SMART data?
> If not, there is possibly no pass-through support in this driver.
I did a quick look into hpcisss2.sys

Such driver is CSMI based and it recognizes CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU 
control code in CSMI_SAS_SIGNATURE group.

But it also implements proprietary access control as described in 
paragraph 5 of:
> http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/document.04/04-284r0.pdf

The CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU requires CSMI=Full access while default is 
CSMI=Limited - so the CC_CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU requests are refused.

There's a chance that smartmontools will work, using CSMI (-d csmi) 
method - if the driver will be reconfigured in registry to allow full 

Sorry, I have no such hardware, so I can't test by self.

I claimed, I did just quick look into binary driver = so I can be wrong.

Even if it will work, I feel no responsibility for possible security 
consequences of driver running in CSMI=Full mode. Nor for other 
consequences it may have.

See also: https://www.smartmontools.org/ticket/243


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