[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v2.5.1 released: Regression and notification fixes

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu May 26 14:27:08 CEST 2022


I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser 2.5.1!

Despite the long time between 2.4.0 and 2.5.0, the last release seemed
surprisingly stable. Still, some regressions were reported and some
other bugs fixed (mostly around notification support), so it's time for
a bugfix release!

Before moving on to the changelog, a reminder:

- v2.5.x will be the last release of qutebrowser 2.
  **For the upcoming 3.0.0 release**, it's planned to drop support for various
  legacy platforms and libraries which are unsupported upstream, such as:
  * Qt before 5.15 LTS (plus adding support for Qt 6.2+)
  * Python 3.6
  * The QtWebKit backend
  * macOS 10.14 (via Homebrew)
  * 32-bit Windows (via Qt)
  * Windows 8 (via Qt)
  * Windows 10 before 21H2 (via Qt)
    (NOTE: This said 1809 before, which is the case for Qt 6.2 only, not
    6.3. Currently, it's planned to only release a build against Qt 6.3,
    though it would be trivial to build against 6.2 if needed.)
  * Possibly other more minor dependency changes

Then the changelog, just some bugfixes on top of v2.5.0:

- The `qute-pass` userscript is marked as executable again.
- PDF.js now works properly again with the macOS and Windows releases.
- The MathML workaround for darkmode (e.g. black on black Wikipedia formula)
  now also works for display (rather than inline) math.
- The `content.proxy` setting can now correctly be set to arbitrary values via
  the `qute://settings` page again.
- Fixed issues with Chromium version detection on Archlinux with
  qt5-webengine 5.15.9-3.
- Fixes for various notification-related crashes:
  * With the `tiramisu` notification server (due to invalid behavior of the server, now a non-fatal error)
  * With the `budgie` notification server when closing a notification (due to invalid behavior of the server, now worked around)
  * When a server exits with an unsuccessful exit status (now a non-fatal error)
  * When a server couldn't be started successfully (now a non-fatal error)
- Fixes in userscripts:
  * The `qute-bitwarden` userscript now correctly searches for entries for
    sites on a subdomain of an unrecognized TLD. subdomain names. Previously
    `my.site.local` would have searched in bitwarden for `my.sitelocal`,
    losing the rightmost dot.



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