[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v2.0.2 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Feb 4 10:42:29 CET 2021


I've just released qutebrowser v2.0.2. This release fixes all known
regressions with v2.0.x as well as a couple of older bugs:

- When right-clicking an empty part of the downloads bar, qutebrowser v2.0.x
  would crash. This is now fixed.
- Setting `content.cookies.store` to `false` only worked properly when this was
  done after qutebrowser was already started due to a regression in v2.0.0. It now
  works as expected again.
- If qutebrowser was installed as a Python egg with Python 3.8 or 3.9,
  requesting unavailable resource files (such as PDF.js not being bundled, or a
  missing changelog file) caused in a crash due to an inconsistent behavior in
  those versions of Python. This is now handled properly by qutebrowser.
- In v2.0.0, support for importing the `sip` dependency as `sip` rather than
  `PyQt5.sip` was dropped, since upstream claims it should be used as `PyQt5.sip`
  ever since PyQt 5.11. However, some distributions still package sip as a global
  `sip` package. Thus, support for a global `sip` package is now reintroduced.
- The changelog for v2.0.0 claimed that `hints.leave_on_load` was set to `true`
  by default. However, the `input.insert_mode.leave_on_load` setting was instead
  set to `true` accidentally. This is now fixed by actually setting
  `hints.leave_on_load` to `true`, and reversing the change to
  `input.insert_mode.leave_on_load` so it is set to `false` by default again.
- When the `importlib_resources` package is required but was missing, users
  would get a Python stacktrace rather than a proper error message. This is now
- Site-specific quirk JavaScript files were loaded lazily rather than preloaded
  at the start of qutebrowser, causing a crash when e.g. switching between
  versions while qutebrowser is open. Now they are preloaded at the start of
  qutebrowser again.
- The link to the keybinding cheatsheet on the internal `:help` page wasn't
  displayed correctly. This is now fixed.
- When the completion rebuilding process was interrupted, qutebrowser did not
  detect this condition on the next start, thus resulting in a completion with
  inconsistent data. This is now fixed, with another rebuild being forced with
  this update, to ensure the data is consistent for all users.
- In certain scenarios, qutebrowser v2.0.x warned about
  `config.load_autoconfig(...)` being missing when loading a secondary config
  (e.g. via `config.source(...)`). It now only shows those warnings for the main
  `config.py` file.
- The `--enable-webengine-inspector` flag is now accepted again, however it's
  unused and undocumented. It purely exists to make it possible to use `:restart`
  between pre-v2.0.x and v2.0.2+ versions.
- When `hints.dictionary` pointed to a file not encoded as UTF-8, this resulted
  in a crash (also in versions before v2.0.0). It now properly displays an error
- When running qutebrowser with a single empty commandline argument, such as
  done by `open_url_in_instance.sh`, this would result in a partially initialized
  window. Interacting with that window results in a crash (also in versions before
  v2.0.0). Instead, the startpage is now shown properly.


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