[qutebrowser] Editing command/url line

Paulo Silva de Alíbano pauloalibano at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 19 17:20:12 CEST 2020

I am looking for something similar to Bash's edit-and-execute-command. That is, when typing a commnad, say ":open -t www.anwebsite.com/d1/d2/d3", I would like to drop to my editor. The editor would have the same contents of the command line, ":open -t www.anwebsite.com/d1/d2/d3<http://www.anwebsite.com/d1/d2/d3>", and I would be able to edit the line and after quitting the editor, the edited line would be executed in Qutebrowser.

I thought edit-command was what I needed, so I tried to add


to the config file. However, the shortcut only works if I am in "normal mode", which does not help because the command line will be empty. Nothing happens when I am typing something in the command line and try Ctrl-B. Any idea?

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