[qutebrowser] spaces in URLs

Stephen Davies (sdavies) sdavies at umw.edu
Thu Nov 23 20:34:18 CET 2017

    Trevor's question leads to one from me.

    When I highlight and paste a long URL into Firefox, it seems to helpfully
trim out any internal whitespace (like linebreaks/spaces introduced into the
URL by long lines in my email reader. I use mutt btw.) qutebrowser does not do
this, and therefore when I copy/paste a long URL (like the one Florian gave,
below) into the ":open" command, I get a 404. The only way I know to fix it is
to scrutinize the URL by hand and surgically remove each space, or else to use
FF again instead of qutebrowser for the moment.

    Could qutebrowser be made easily to emulate FF's behavior here?

- Stephen Davies, Ph.D.
  (stephen at umw.edu)

> See https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Qi7KvIXuDtUCAloc3SHdg4s1HxCB7DjOPbK0pOiA-AqNINNSo_Ga8bCPaisHjDA9UGTvmMvNemmyj3qE-eZQrHRjL3q2I1cl6d3d78kQgh8YbWCAKfBbJ3_3nInYZQd-CL0hZMgrWCay7RMZVZYcvf5kh5iijuYYPHXzyvt7kz52StU6eBdtnLhHZsiu7C8zuR0pItg30jA39_7lQsACuZE0QsKoAU1-Jmk_Cj3upYo4WZrPxhJ4qQ6reodpBNwmKQhzr717zOSW8vx0vIDlpKDLcsJhMP-s6FUIrmGU--BuXJWtbqmDRqYvv_ZK1tzICdKHEaTSNgmP-e8KwXN5FQ/https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fqutebrowser%2Fqutebrowser%2Fblob%2Fmaster%2Fdoc%2Fhelp%2Fconfiguring.asciidoc#migrating-older-configurations

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