[qutebrowser] config.py, keys.conf, and autoconfig.yml

Samuel Walladge samuel at swalladge.id.au
Mon Nov 20 06:29:57 CET 2017

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 01:22:16AM +0000, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote:
>    Hello, I'm a new qutebrowser user (moving away from VimFX on Firefox now
>that it's not supported) and I love it so far! Really excited about being able
>to customize everything.
>    My question today has to do with the relationship between the config.py,
>autoconfig.yml, and keys.conf files. My understanding is that if you create a
>config.py, it is now "the boss," and no information will be loaded from
>autoconfig.yml unless you explicitly have "config.load_autoconfig()" in your


>    Assuming I'm right about that, what is the situation with keys.conf? That
>looks like a very convenient place to put custom keybindings, and the syntax
>looks easier to type (and on the eyes) than the corresponding
>"config.bind('...','...')" lines would be in config.py. But it doesn't seem
>that keys.conf is getting sourced for me. Is that for a similar reason as the
>above -- namely, I have a config.py and so keys.conf doesn't automatically get
>sourced -- and if so, is there a command similar to "config.load_autoconfig()"
>where I can explicitly bring in my keys.conf situation?
>    Apologies if this is somewhere in the documentation right under my nose.
>The relevant page seemed to be this one, but it doesn't mention keys.conf:

As far as I know, the old keys.conf format is no longer supported.
The `config.bind` syntax isn't actually that bad once you get used to it 
(I thought the same thing to begin with). You could always roll your own 
with something like (pseudocode):

# some object/dictionary - python, json, load from yaml, etc.
mybindings = {
 'x': 'mpv {url}'

for binding in mybindings:
  config.bind(binding.key, binding.command, etc...)

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