[qutebrowser] config.py, keys.conf, and autoconfig.yml

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On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 01:22:16AM +0000, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote:
>     Hello, I'm a new qutebrowser user (moving away from VimFX on Firefox now
> that it's not supported) and I love it so far! Really excited about being able
> to customize everything.

Welcome! :)

>     My question today has to do with the relationship between the config.py,
> autoconfig.yml, and keys.conf files. My understanding is that if you create a
> config.py, it is now "the boss," and no information will be loaded from
> autoconfig.yml unless you explicitly have "config.load_autoconfig()" in your
> config.py.

That's correct - also see:

>     Assuming I'm right about that, what is the situation with keys.conf? That
> looks like a very convenient place to put custom keybindings, and the syntax
> looks easier to type (and on the eyes) than the corresponding
> "config.bind('...','...')" lines would be in config.py. But it doesn't seem
> that keys.conf is getting sourced for me. Is that for a similar reason as the
> above -- namely, I have a config.py and so keys.conf doesn't automatically get
> sourced -- and if so, is there a command similar to "config.load_autoconfig()"
> where I can explicitly bring in my keys.conf situation?

keys.conf was where keys were configured before the v1.0 release. If you read
about it somewhere in current qutebrowser documentation, please let me know
where, as that'd be a bug.

I agree the current syntax for config.py is a bit more verbose, but the custom
format of keys.conf came with custom parsing and various issues related to
that, which is one of the reasons why it was dropped.

If you know a bit of Python, you can e.g. add keys and commands to some kind of
dictionary (or even a separate file) and then do the needed config.bind(...)
calls in config.py based on that. It's just not something qutebrowser supports
out-of-the-box, as having two different files is confusing enough ;-)


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