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* Ibon Santisteban <OBIBON at gmx.com> [2016-02-29 22:18:30 +0100]:
> First of all, I just discovered qutebrowser, and congratulations
> (and thanks) for such a good piece of software.

You're welcome!

> I'm not really sure this is an issue, but I thought I rather say
> something than not: I have the feeling that for a minimalistic
> browser, it uses too much RAM. I just compared to other browsers and
> this is what I got, having the same amount of tabs (five) open with
> the exact same websites:
> midori: 154.8 MiB
> otter browser: 286.6 MiB
> qupzilla: 198.0 MiB
> luakit: 375.7 MiB (even though it started at around 278, it increases as time goes by for some reason)

Hmm, interesting qutebrowser would use this much more RAM compared to
Otter and QupZilla. What pages did you have open, and how precisely
did you measure?

(also note you're not subscribed to the list - I approved your posting
by hand)


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