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as you might know, qutebrowser is using pytest for its tests, and I'm
also a pytest core developer.

We're hosting a sprint in June in Freiburg, Germany, where
contributors from all over the world participate - including me!

A crowdfunding campaign just got launched to collect money to pay
travel/accomodation expenses - please consider donating:


See the forwarded message for more details.

Thank you!


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Hello all,

we are heading for a one-week python testing sprint focusing on
improving the open source pytest and tox tools in June 20th-26th 2016 in
Freiburg, Germany. We have around 10 core maintainers from all across
the globe who want to participate.  We just started an indiegogo
campaign to get the neccessary funding for travel/accomodation and hope
you or your organisation help to make it happen and/or even participate

See here for more details on the sprint: 


and here for donating to make it happen:



about me:    http://holgerkrekel.net/about-me/
contracting: http://merlinux.eu

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