List of Currently Opened Tabs?

Stefan Tatschner rumpelsepp at
Tue Feb 2 00:34:56 CET 2016

On 29.01.2016 22:54, Matt wrote:
> I suppose you use a tiling WM ? in which case you could force every
> new tab as a new window and use rofi window switcher (works for
>, not sure for other WM though).
> Then I am not sure qutebrowser is capable of syncing history between
> instances (like zsh or neovim do) ? which can be annoying

Yes, I use i3. I know that I can just omit the tab-feature in
qutebrowser and use plain windows for that. But well, I am a i3 user for
~6 months and my workspaces tend to be... pure evil, filled up with lots
of crap. I still have to find a way to organize that better. :)


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