[qutebrowser] Qutebrowser crashes on wake from suspend

Abraham Baker Z1693060 at students.niu.edu
Sun Aug 28 22:25:53 CEST 2016

I cleared all history + local storage, but the crash just happened again (so this occurs roughly daily since I suspend/wake ~4 times a day).

It has to do with the Qt library since I always get this error:

"Unfortunately, this crash occurred in Qt (the library qutebrowser uses), and QtWebKit (the current backend) is not maintained anymore.

Since I can't do much about those crashes I disabled the crash reporter for this case, but this will likely be resolved in the future with the new QtWebEngine backend."

So, it seems like this will get fixed once you replace the backend!

Thanks for working on this so much; qute seems like one of the few browsers that offers vim-bindings (that doesn't lose support with every update like certain FF addons :)


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* Abraham Baker <Z1693060 at students.niu.edu> [2016-08-27 14:06:32 +0000]:
> Has anyone else had qutebrowser crash almost every time their computer wakes from suspend?

I've seen one or two such crashes, but definitely not "almost every
time". Either way it's unfortunately unlikely I can do anything about
it other than hoping it'll go away with the new QtWebEngine backend ;)

* Rudi Seitz <me at seir.ch> [2016-08-27 19:23:52 +0200]:
> I cannot reproduce, and I'm using hiberate all the time.

I'm guessing you mean suspend-to-disk with hibernate, while Abe means
suspend-to-RAM. Though from the point of view of an application, I
wouldn't really expect a big difference...


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