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On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 08:00:19PM -0500, Abraham Baker wrote:
> Hi,
> Using pacaur -Syua --devel --needed worked (now at version 0.4.1), though
> the update worked fast enough for me, so I'll skip making the local repo
> cache for now.
> Is there any downside to running pacaur -Syua without running pacamn -Syu
> first?  E.g. if an AUR package depends on a non-AUR package would pacaur
> automatically recognize this and update that too?  Would there be any
> downside to just running pacaur -Syu --devel --needed?
Short answer, none that I'm aware of. Long answer.. no AUR helper is perfect and
depend issues can occur with any pacakge, be it in the aur or core repos.
However to the best of my knowledge just running >pacaur -Syu --devel --needed
won't do anything bad. Namely new depends like you said, it'll pull in updates
as needed like "normal".

The short of it tho, I check for updates once or twice a day with pacaur -Syu
for normal pacman/aur stuff with versioning. And once a day with >pacaur -Syu
--devel --needed because it can be slow. If you have 100+ -git packages it can
be pretty intense to wait for everything to download and compile. In the case of
qutebrowser I'd suggest reading the github page about changes time to time, in
case of changes in config or what have you. I've never had a problem myself
doing this.

You should not need to use pacaman unless things go wrong. It's safe to use
pacaur like this for the most part. And I'll add if you ever run into problems
feel free to e-mail me directly.

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