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Hey Mel,

* Mel Boyce <mel at> [2015-10-01 16:20:50 +1000]:
> What's the story with password management in Qutebrowser? i.e.,
> remembering them?

There's currently an userscript in development which integrates with

The author (which also is on this list, I believe) told me he wanted
to work a bit more on it before merging, so it's not merged yet.

As soon as there's plugin support in qutebrowser (which will still
take a few months, unfortunately), I plan to write plugins to directly
integrate KeePassX, pass, and probably others:

> Also, some sites I use (basic challenge) "forget" my authentication
> after some number of minutes - something I hadn't noticed in dwb and
> certainly doesn't happen in FF.

Dou you have a publicly accessible example somewhere? I never had any
issues with Icinga, cups, and some other things.

Also, what Qt version? (see :open qute:version)


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