This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Oct 13 23:44:22 CEST 2014

Before I go to bed, another update for you guys! :)


Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 99 commits to master and 105
commits to all branches. On master, 58 files have changed and there
have been 1,239 additions and 857 deletions.

1 Pull request proposed by 1 person
24 Issues closed by 1 person
13 Issues created by 2 people

Upgrade notes

If you set 'quit' for tabs->last-close in the config, it has been
renamed to 'close'.


- New :repeat command to repeat some other command a number of times.
- IPC has just been merged a few minutes ago - if you open qutebrowser
  a second time now, a new window is opened in the existing instance.
  There are still some things missing though:
    - Opening a new tab instead of a new window (configurable)
    - Correct handling of crash log files and other benefits we have
      now that we know there's only one instance.


- debug console:
    - scroll to bottom on output
    - very basic completion
    - make 'objreg' available without import
    - Only create debug console if needed
- :tab-close now takes a --left/--right argument to focus the tab to
  the left/right after closing.
- It also takes an --opposite argument (bound to D) to focus the
  opposite of what's configured.
- :tab-only now takes a --left/--right argument to keep open all tabs
  to the left/right of the current one.
- Add a CACHEDIR.TAG to the cache directory.


- Fix exception when saving quickmark (regression introduced by
  multiwindow support)
- Fix exception when loading quickmarks with non-standard URLs
- Fix exception on config errors
- Fix weird behaviour with rapid hinting
- Only close the current window instead of quitting when closing last
- debug console:
    - handle empty lines correctly
    - accept click focus.
    - Fix inserting of text when the cursor position is changed.
- Fix shutting down if it happened very early (before eventFilter was
- Create directories like ~/.config correctly if they don't exist.
- Clean up correctly when :later is used with invalid parameters.
- Fix exception when downloading a file after closing a window.
- Fix exception when changing settings after closing a window.
- Clean up selectionModel properly in completion.
- Fix commands using :set-cmd-text (e.g. O) with invalid URLs.
- Fix closing of tabs with invalid URLs.
- Fix exception when closing mainwindow before debug console.
- Prevent double-entering (and getting stuck in) hint mode.
- Fix handling of exceptions while the crash dialog is already shown.
- Fix exception when running userscripts.

Under the hood

- Removed an old workaround for segfaults while hinting which caused
  its own problems. Let's hope it looks better by now.
- Command handlers now use annotations for the special count/win_id
  arguments instead of magic names.
- Add a function/decorator to utils.debug to log all signals an object
- Other small changes.

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