This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Oct 6 22:53:04 CEST 2014

Another week - another update mail! 2 months, 1 week and 1 day left
until the day where I really want to release v0.1 - one year after the
first commit.

I finally took the time to convert the TODO/BUGS files into github

Sorry if anyone was flooded with mails because of that... I didn't
realize people get a mail for every issue when they're watching a repo
on Github :D

Also, the multiwindow branch was merged, so qutebrowser now supports
opening multiple windows in one instance.


Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 79 commits to master and 84
commits to all branches. On master, 79 files have changed and there
have been 1,879 additions and 1,385 deletions.

1 Pull request merged by 1 person
1 Pull request proposed by 1 person
14 Issues closed by 1 person
133 Issues created by 1 person

Upgrade notes

Some files got moved to a more correct place. You should execute this
before upgrading if you want to preserve your command history and
window geometry (untested :P):

$ mv ~/.config/qutebrowser/cmd_history ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/cmd-history
$ mv ~/.config/qutebrowser/state ~/.local/share/qutebrowser

Alternatively, just upgrade and delete these files.

To get the new keybindings, delete your

Also don't forget to run scripts/ to update your help


- New quickstart page on first run.
- Multiwindow support! All commands which support -t/-b now also
  support -w for a new window.
- New keybindings for multiwindow support:
    wo: like 'o', but in new window
    wO: like 'go', but in new window
    wh: go back in a new window
    wl: go forward in a new window
    wf: hint and open link in a new window
    ;R: rapid hinting and open new window for each link
    wp: paste and open in new window
    wP: paste primary selection and open in new window
    wb: load quickmark in new window


- State files now are in the XDG data directory rather than the config
  directory. On Windows, subfolders are created for data/cache.
- Turn off line breaking in debugging console.
- :help now also understands -t/-w/-b.
- Print better error when asciidoc is missing in


- Fix str() of ConfigValues. This bug shouldn't affect any current
- Fix exception when there is a javascript prompt/confirm/... while
  another one is still being displayed.
- Fix :view-source.
- Fix crash when the error page gets displayed on a page with
  non-latin1 chars in the URL.
- Fix starting with --confdir="" (default/no config)
- Fix for weird line breaking in the debugging console.
- Fix for exceptions when handling invalid URLs.
- Fix closing last tab with tabs->last-close = quit

Under the hood

- Various small changes

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