[Postfixbuch-users] Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA)

Sven Schoeppner Schoeppner at biotec.uni-bremen.de
So Feb 13 13:46:57 CET 2005

Hat hier jemand Erfahrungen mit dem Verfahren
Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) gesammelt?

Ist  so etwas bei jemand im Einsatz?
Gibt es erfahrungsberichte von Mailuser?



Was ist TMDA?
TMDA is an open source software application designed to significantly 
reduce the amount of spam (Internet junk-mail) you receive. TMDA strives 
to be more effective, yet less time-consuming than traditional spam 
filters. TMDA can also be used as a general purpose local mail delivery 
agent to filter, sort, deliver and dispose of incoming mail.

The technical countermeasures used by TMDA to thwart spam include:

     * whitelists: accept mail from known, trusted senders.

     * blacklists: refuse mail from undesired senders.

     * challenge/response: allows unknown senders which aren't on the 
whitelist or blacklist the chance to confirm that their message is 
legitimate (non-spam).

     * tagged addresses: special-purpose e-mail addresses such as 
time-dependent addresses, or addresses which only accept certain kinds 
of communication. These increase the transparency of TMDA for unknown 
senders by allowing them to safely circumvent the challenge/response 

This combination was chosen based on the following assumptions about the 
current state of spam on the Internet:

    1. You cannot keep your email address secret from spammers.

    2. Content-based filters can't distinguish spam from legitimate mail 
with sufficient accuracy.

    3. To maintain economies of scale, bulk-mailing is generally:
           * An impersonal process where the recipient is not distinguished.
           * A one-way communication channel (from spammer to victim).

    4. spam will not cease until it becomes prohibitively expensive for 
spammers to operate.

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