How to Pronounce herbsluftwm?

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On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 11:11:27AM -0500, TuxDigital wrote:
> My name is Michael Tunnell and I represent TuxDigital. I am going to start making examples of how to say the names of various Linux projects. Below is a link to an mp3 of me pronouncing the name of your project. I left off the wm portion because I think it is just saying the letters themselves.
> Please clarify the accuracy or lack thereof for the following pronunciation.

It's herbs*t*luft (herb + "st" like in "stone") (/hɛʁpstlʊft/)

Also, the "e" in "herbs" is a schwa (/ə/) while the e in the German
"herbst" is like an e in "met" or "bed" (/mɛt/)

Finally, if you want to add the "wm", you can either just say W M in
English, or in German, pronounce the W like in "web" or "van", but with
a long e (/veː/).

Hope that makes sense! :D


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