herbstluftwm 0.6.0 release

Zsolt Udvari udvzsolt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 16:03:38 CET 2014

Thanks for your work! I've used some tiling window managers (ion2/3,
awesome, i3) but I think the herbstluftwm is the best! Simple and can
do what I need.

Keep going!


2014-03-20 14:03 GMT+01:00 Thorsten Wißmann <edu at thorsten-wissmann.de>:
> Hi friends,
> most of you probably already noticed the 0.6.0 release yesterday. Hlwm
> seemed to be quite stable and usable in the last days, and some bugs and
> annoying things were fixed. So release early, release often! It's main
> features are:
>   - add window decorations
>   - swap_monitors_to_get_tag=0 now focused the correct monitor instead
>     of doing nothing
>   - settings-object to be able to use all attribute commands also for
>     settings
>   - bind mouse buttons to commands
>   - lazy window update when resizing a floating window
>   - directional focusing for monitors and floating windows
> The full list of new features[1] and release tarballs[2] are at the
> usual place.
> Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters,
> Thorsten
> [1] http://herbstluftwm.org/news.html
> [2] http://herbstluftwm.org/tarballs/
> $ git shortlog v0.5.3..v0.6.0
> Christian Dietrich (1):
>       Adding keymask feature to disable keybindings temporarily
> Florian Bruhin (15):
>       Assert that frame type is clients in frame_split()
>       Add frame objects to object tree
>       Add frame index to layout command
>       Remove old windex/wcount attributes
>       Update object attribute example in manpage
>       Add client objects to frame objects
>       Initialize frame objects correctly in load
>       Always update complete client object
>       Fix 'make uninstall'
>       Add 'auto' split alignment
>       Add version output to herbstclient.
>       Add tag-switching by mousewheel to panel
>       Spelling fixes for manpages
>       Spelling fix: Tripple -> Triple
>       Spelling fix: sould -> should and Cant -> Can not
> Hans-Peter Deifel (1):
>       Only put child windows in EWMH client lists
> Simon Ruderich (7):
>       Refactor smart window surrounding check.
>       NEWS: Remove duplicate line.
>       main.c: Fix yoda condition.
>       colors.mk: No duplicate make output in verbose mode.
>       Makefile: Use $(CFLAGS) when linking.
>       settings: Fix indentation.
>       doc: Fix ## hack.
> Thorsten Wißmann (129):
>       www: Add 0.5.3 tarball
>       www: Remove version numbers from distro listing
>       www: Link Debian package overview
>       Set pseudotile_center_threshold to 10 per default
>       Add source file for client decorations
>       Use decorations for tiled clients
>       Add decorations to floated clients
>       Update decorations on focus change
>       Update window decoration on focus change
>       Apply window gap correctly
>       Ignore first unmap notify events
>       Apply pseudotile_center_threshold to decorations
>       Add some notes regarding smart window surroundings
>       decoration: Handle pseudotiled clients
>       Remove unnneded resetting of the window border
>       Relayout monitor if sizehints change
>       Do not manage desktop type windows
>       Disable window border of managed clients
>       Switch to python based compose.py
>       Make the website look more like hlwm
>       www: Install css stylesheet
>       Remove unneeded install.sh script
>       www: Use rsync for installing files
>       Improve the www a lot
>       Extend tutorial chapter on the tiling
>       Add monitors and tags to the tutorial
>       www: mv tour tutorial
>       doc: Minor spelling fix
>       ewmh: Handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE requests basically
>       Respect padding for floating coordinates
>       Do reparenting correctly
>       Send synthetic configure events correctly
>       Remember the visibility state of clients
>       Add example script scratchpad
>       Add configurable window border padding
>       Only require const char* as object name parameters
>       Add objects for decoration schemes
>       Add color as a object attribute type
>       Make border color configurable via object tree
>       Add collective attributes to scheme tripples
>       Handle unparsed_value in hsattribute_assign()
>       Add collective objects for normal,active,urgent
>       Send Configure Notifications correctly
>       Only append in frame_index_to_gstring
>       Update NEWS and MIGRATION
>       doc: Link to other manpages
>       www: Remove borders on small displays
>       Only remove client from frame layout if tag exists
>       Draw inner window border
>       Revert frame_objects
>       Fixup client inner border drawing
>       decoration: Add outer border
>       Fix snapping for new decorations
>       Make object find parameters const char*
>       Accept black in color attributes
>       Allow to write custom attributes
>       Add reset attributes to scheme objects
>       Remove legacy theme settings
>       www: Link Fedora package page
>       Add option dependencies
>       Focus monitor on swap_monitors_to_get_tag=0
>       Place floating windows relative to monitor
>       Assign own decoration class to decoration window
>       Maintain WM_STATE property for clients
>       Fixup decoration scheme member order
>       Maintain _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS correctly
>       Apply size hints for pseudotiled clients earlier
>       Fixup type for WM_STATE client property
>       Use color depth for decoration from client
>       Ensure every original client is managed
>       Update _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS on quit
>       Initialize window attribute mask correctly
>       www: Now also in OpenBSD ports
>       Update MIGRATION for reverted frame patches
>       Add attribute monitors.count
>       Update monitor.focus on remove_monitor, set_monitors
>       Make Attribute macros more verbose
>       Initialize user attributes correctly
>       Abort assign if attribute value can not be parsed
>       Reassign color attribute value if the string changes
>       More verbose error message on colors in assign
>       Make meta-decoration schemes more compact
>       Add meta-attributes for scheme in theme.
>       Fix warnings
>       Reparent clients back to root on crash
>       Fixup writable indicator of attr command
>       Draw decorations via bg pixmap and fix colors
>       Introduce extra schemes for meta objects of themes
>       Only recreate decoration pixmap if needed
>       Add a settings object
>       Let theme settings become attribute wrappers
>       Implement smart_window_surroundings for decorations
>       Allow mouse dragging on non-focused monitors
>       Uptade the decoration pixmap before resizing it
>       Merge branch 'decoration'
>       Add first directional focus templates
>       Add basic directional focus for floating clients
>       Draw fullscreen window border entirely black
>       Fixup cycle command
>       Add directional monitor focusing
>       Add focus_crosses_monitor_boundaries setting
>       Add --list -l --no-disjoin to detect_monitors
>       Make directional rectangles only center based
>       Add documentation for decorations
>       Raise floating window after directional focus
>       Fixup theme section in man page
>       Remove unused variable
>       Draw fullscreen border entirely black
>       Always do callback for theme meta attributes
>       Fixup border snapping in floating mode
>       Refactor mouse bindings and functions
>       Implement call mouse function and add completion
>       Update mailing list address and homepage
>       Add setting update_dragged_clients
>       Do not send configure event to dragged clients
>       Send correct window position to clients
>       Use a clients size as initial "last_inner_rect"
>       Ensure client's initial corner is on the monitor
>       Free client->keymask and gc for drawing
>       Simplify completion for ! command
>       Add command try
>       Add command silent
>       Donot call Clear() manually if size is changed
>       Fix decoration flicker on client unmap
>       Ensure that client size is applied after drag
>       Add theme property background_color
>       Improve default theme
>       Release 0.6.0
> Wesley Merkel (2):
>       Add consequence to move a client to a monitor
>       Integrate monitor consequence with switchtag

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