herbstluftwm 0.6.0 release

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Thu Mar 20 14:03:39 CET 2014

Hi friends,

most of you probably already noticed the 0.6.0 release yesterday. Hlwm
seemed to be quite stable and usable in the last days, and some bugs and
annoying things were fixed. So release early, release often! It's main
features are:

  - add window decorations
  - swap_monitors_to_get_tag=0 now focused the correct monitor instead
    of doing nothing
  - settings-object to be able to use all attribute commands also for
  - bind mouse buttons to commands
  - lazy window update when resizing a floating window
  - directional focusing for monitors and floating windows

The full list of new features[1] and release tarballs[2] are at the
usual place.

Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters,

[1] http://herbstluftwm.org/news.html
[2] http://herbstluftwm.org/tarballs/

$ git shortlog v0.5.3..v0.6.0

Christian Dietrich (1):
      Adding keymask feature to disable keybindings temporarily

Florian Bruhin (15):
      Assert that frame type is clients in frame_split()
      Add frame objects to object tree
      Add frame index to layout command
      Remove old windex/wcount attributes
      Update object attribute example in manpage
      Add client objects to frame objects
      Initialize frame objects correctly in load
      Always update complete client object
      Fix 'make uninstall'
      Add 'auto' split alignment
      Add version output to herbstclient.
      Add tag-switching by mousewheel to panel
      Spelling fixes for manpages
      Spelling fix: Tripple -> Triple
      Spelling fix: sould -> should and Cant -> Can not

Hans-Peter Deifel (1):
      Only put child windows in EWMH client lists

Simon Ruderich (7):
      Refactor smart window surrounding check.
      NEWS: Remove duplicate line.
      main.c: Fix yoda condition.
      colors.mk: No duplicate make output in verbose mode.
      Makefile: Use $(CFLAGS) when linking.
      settings: Fix indentation.
      doc: Fix ## hack.

Thorsten Wißmann (129):
      www: Add 0.5.3 tarball
      www: Remove version numbers from distro listing
      www: Link Debian package overview
      Set pseudotile_center_threshold to 10 per default
      Add source file for client decorations
      Use decorations for tiled clients
      Add decorations to floated clients
      Update decorations on focus change
      Update window decoration on focus change
      Apply window gap correctly
      Ignore first unmap notify events
      Apply pseudotile_center_threshold to decorations
      Add some notes regarding smart window surroundings
      decoration: Handle pseudotiled clients
      Remove unnneded resetting of the window border
      Relayout monitor if sizehints change
      Do not manage desktop type windows
      Disable window border of managed clients
      Switch to python based compose.py
      Make the website look more like hlwm
      www: Install css stylesheet
      Remove unneeded install.sh script
      www: Use rsync for installing files
      Improve the www a lot
      Extend tutorial chapter on the tiling
      Add monitors and tags to the tutorial
      www: mv tour tutorial
      doc: Minor spelling fix
      ewmh: Handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE requests basically
      Respect padding for floating coordinates
      Do reparenting correctly
      Send synthetic configure events correctly
      Remember the visibility state of clients
      Add example script scratchpad
      Add configurable window border padding
      Only require const char* as object name parameters
      Add objects for decoration schemes
      Add color as a object attribute type
      Make border color configurable via object tree
      Add collective attributes to scheme tripples
      Handle unparsed_value in hsattribute_assign()
      Add collective objects for normal,active,urgent
      Send Configure Notifications correctly
      Only append in frame_index_to_gstring
      Update NEWS and MIGRATION
      doc: Link to other manpages
      www: Remove borders on small displays
      Only remove client from frame layout if tag exists
      Draw inner window border
      Revert frame_objects
      Fixup client inner border drawing
      decoration: Add outer border
      Fix snapping for new decorations
      Make object find parameters const char*
      Accept black in color attributes
      Allow to write custom attributes
      Add reset attributes to scheme objects
      Remove legacy theme settings
      www: Link Fedora package page
      Add option dependencies
      Focus monitor on swap_monitors_to_get_tag=0
      Place floating windows relative to monitor
      Assign own decoration class to decoration window
      Maintain WM_STATE property for clients
      Fixup decoration scheme member order
      Maintain _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS correctly
      Apply size hints for pseudotiled clients earlier
      Fixup type for WM_STATE client property
      Use color depth for decoration from client
      Ensure every original client is managed
      Update _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS on quit
      Initialize window attribute mask correctly
      www: Now also in OpenBSD ports
      Update MIGRATION for reverted frame patches
      Add attribute monitors.count
      Update monitor.focus on remove_monitor, set_monitors
      Make Attribute macros more verbose
      Initialize user attributes correctly
      Abort assign if attribute value can not be parsed
      Reassign color attribute value if the string changes
      More verbose error message on colors in assign
      Make meta-decoration schemes more compact
      Add meta-attributes for scheme in theme.
      Fix warnings
      Reparent clients back to root on crash
      Fixup writable indicator of attr command
      Draw decorations via bg pixmap and fix colors
      Introduce extra schemes for meta objects of themes
      Only recreate decoration pixmap if needed
      Add a settings object
      Let theme settings become attribute wrappers
      Implement smart_window_surroundings for decorations
      Allow mouse dragging on non-focused monitors
      Uptade the decoration pixmap before resizing it
      Merge branch 'decoration'
      Add first directional focus templates
      Add basic directional focus for floating clients
      Draw fullscreen window border entirely black
      Fixup cycle command
      Add directional monitor focusing
      Add focus_crosses_monitor_boundaries setting
      Add --list -l --no-disjoin to detect_monitors
      Make directional rectangles only center based
      Add documentation for decorations
      Raise floating window after directional focus
      Fixup theme section in man page
      Remove unused variable
      Draw fullscreen border entirely black
      Always do callback for theme meta attributes
      Fixup border snapping in floating mode
      Refactor mouse bindings and functions
      Implement call mouse function and add completion
      Update mailing list address and homepage
      Add setting update_dragged_clients
      Do not send configure event to dragged clients
      Send correct window position to clients
      Use a clients size as initial "last_inner_rect"
      Ensure client's initial corner is on the monitor
      Free client->keymask and gc for drawing
      Simplify completion for ! command
      Add command try
      Add command silent
      Donot call Clear() manually if size is changed
      Fix decoration flicker on client unmap
      Ensure that client size is applied after drag
      Add theme property background_color
      Improve default theme
      Release 0.6.0

Wesley Merkel (2):
      Add consequence to move a client to a monitor
      Integrate monitor consequence with switchtag

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