[FoME] Invitation to Symposium: "Notions of Jihad Reconsidered: Perspectives on Media, Materiality, and Political Violence" 6-8 October, Mainz/online

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Dear all,

I hope this will be relevant to some on this list and with apologies
for crossposting.

We kindly invite you to the Symposium:
Notions of Jihad Reconsidered: Perspectives on Media, Materiality, and
Political Violence, at the Department of Anthropology and African
Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz,  the Kunsthalle Mannheim
and online, from 06-08 October 2021.

There will be artist talks, a keynote and panels on "Art and Political
Violence", "Affective Archives", "Aesthetics of Jihad", "Ethnographic
Perspectives on Imaginations and Materialities of Jihad", and "Notions
of Jihad and the Production of Knowledge“.

See for the ful programme here:
Please register here:

The symposium explores how different notions of jihad and political
violence have entered and been shaped by discursive formations in
academia, media, and the arts. It takes the aesthetic dimensions of
images and sounds that have emerged over the last 20 years in the
engagement with 9/11 and its aftermath as a starting point to rethink
the various notions of jihad and its relation to political violence.
Bringing together international scholars, artists, and curators, the
symposium critically examines the ways in which the concept of jihad has
been studied, covered, and resisted by different actors. It discusses
how notions of jihad are conditioned by and manifest in practices of
knowledge production by a wide range of social actors around the world.

We are looking forward to your participation!


Dr. Simone
Postdoctoral Researcher (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin)
Department of Anthropology and African Studies
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Forum universitatis 6
D-55099 Mainz

2021 (with Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann)
reCLAIM<http://reclaim-platform.de/>: Art as Resistance Against
Political Violence

2020 (with Christop Günther, eds.) Jihadi Audiovisuality and its
Entanglements: Meanings, Aesthetics,
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
2020 Social Media im transnationalen
Zur medialen Ausgestaltung sozialer Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und
Senegal. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.

2021 (with Ulf Neumann). In/Visible Images of Mobility: Sociality and
Analog–Digital Materiality in Personal Archives of Transnational
In: Visual Anthropology 34 (4): 317-338.
2021 How Can You Approach the Field
Reflections on Using Social Media Profiles in Ethnographic Research (DEI
2020 (with Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann and Patricia Wevers). Re-enacting
Violence: Contesting Public Spheres with Appropriations of IS Execution
In: Christoph Günther und Simone Pfeifer (eds.). Jihadi Audiovisuality
and its Entanglements: Aesthetics, Meanings, Appropriations. Edinburgh:
Edinburgh University Press, 175-195.


EASA Media Anthropology Network

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