[FoME] Wtrlt: [gfmd-members] Seeking a project assistant (consultancy) for cross-regional media project on migration and asylum

Sofie Jannusch Sofie.Jannusch at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Mai 28 16:21:24 CEST 2021

Vielleicht ist auch jemand aus unserer Liste daran interessiert?

>>> "Sara Speicher via groups.io" <SS=waccglobal.org at groups.io> 28.05.2021 11:32 >>>
Dear all, 

WACC Europe is seeking a part-time freelance project assistant for a maximum 12 months supporting an exposure and networking project for journalists in three regions (Europe, Africa, Middle East) covering migration and asylum. The project runs from June 2021 to June 2022. 

The tasks for the consultancy include

-  Being the communication hub for project participants 

-  Supporting the implementation of project tasks 

-  Helping to identify potential project participants 

-  Maintaining project records and monitoring tasks and timeline 

-  Updating web and social media
It is possible to combine the project assistant tasks with those of the media trainer/facilitator required later in the project. Deadline for applications is June 6.  If interested, please contact me for more details. 
Kind regards,

Sara Speicher
Deputy General Secretary
World Association for Christian Communication (UK)
ss at waccglobal.org
Skype: saraspeicher
Mobile: +44 7821 860 723
WACC UK: +44 20 8142 5851 WACC Global: www.waccglobal.org 
Centre for Communication Rights: www.ccrvoices.org 
Global Media Monitoring Project: www.whomakesthenews.org

WACC is a UK Registered Charity (296073) and a Company registered in England and Wales (2082273) with its Registered Office at 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE, United Kingdom. 

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