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Communication for development: an evaluation framework in action
Edited by Jessica Noske-Turner
Rugby (UK): Practical Action Publishing, 2020, 119 p.

Download: https://doi.org/10.3362/9781780449968 

"This book presents five cases that reflect on the experiences of using
practices consistent with the 'Evaluating C4D framework' [published by
June Lennie and Jo Tacchi in 2013]. Case studies are important to help
move from a set of ideal principles to an understanding of how the
framework may be operationalized within the actual realities of
development institutions, organizations, and communities. The authors of
each chapter focus on a few key principles from the framework and
contextualize how they interpreted those principles in relation to
various methods, models, and projects. As well as showing the usefulness
and opportunities, they illustrate the challenges of balancing the
various principles as well as real-world practical needs." (overview of
the book, p.10)

Table of contents:

1. Operationalizing a framework for C4D evaluation / Jessica
2. Using community-based action research as a participatory alternative
in responding to violence in Tanzania / Barry Percy-Smith, Seraphina
Bakta, Jessica Noske-Turner, Georgina Mtenga and Patricia Portela Souza
3. Finding and creating opportunities for participatory approaches to
RM&E in Vietnam / Tran Phuong-Anh, Jessica Noske-Turner and Ho Anh Tung
4. Exploring sanitation: participatory research design and ethnography
in West Bengal / Jo Tacchi, Tripta Chandola, Vinod Pavarala and Rania
5. Using ‘tepetepe’ for understanding the complexity of people’s lives
in Malawi / Julie Elliott, Madalo Esther Samati, Jessica Noske-Turner
and Patricia Rogers
6. Towards horizontal capacity building: UNICEF Malawi’s C4D Learning
Labs / Linje Manyozo, Elnur Aliyev, Patnice Nkhonjera, Chancy Mauluka
and Chikondi Khangamwa
7. The challenges ahead: cultivating the conditions for small
revolutions in C4D evaluation / Jessica Noske-Turner, Jo Tacchi, Rafael
Obregón, Ketan Chitnis and Charlotte Lapsansky.


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