[FoME] neuer CIMA Bericht: Supporting Media at a Time of Crisis: Donors Explore New Strategies

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Supporting Media at a Time of Crisis: Donors Explore New StrategiesBy
Laura Schwartz-Henderson 
Der neue Report von CIMA beschäftigt sich mit aktuellen Strategien der
Geldgeber basierend auf Interviews mit Vertretern von privaten und
öffentlichen Geldgebern:
 Table of ContentsKey Findings 
Institutional Impediments to Media Assistance 
Case Study: The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 
Will Private Media Development Donors Fracture or Unify the Field? 
Building Institutional Support for Media 
Implications for International Cooperation on Media Development 
Key Findings 

Private foundations and official donors are beginning to recognize
their role in a global effort to preserve independent, professional
journalism. Amid a series of complex threats to quality news and
information, the providers of international assistance are currently
deliberating new collaborative efforts.
Shall they join forces to create a new global fundᆳᆳ, something to
buttress the ailing news industry as The Global Fund for Tuberculosis,
Malaria and Aids has done for health systems? Shall they focus their
support on knowledge, research, and learning amid all of the
uncertainties created by fast-evolving digital communication
technologies? Or shall they instead direct their support towards
assembling the networks and coalitions that can fight for the
fundamental reforms needed to enable professional journalism to thrive?

This report, the last in a series that has explored entry points for
strengthening international cooperation in the media sector, sheds some
light on these questions. Based on 27 interviews with representatives of
both private and official donor agencies, it examines the major
obstacles and stumbling blocks that will have to be avoided if global
support to the media sector is increased.
The institutional impediments to effective aid, the report finds, are
frequently related to limited human capacity and expertise in media at
the donor organizations and a misalignment of support and needs. The
cross-donor collaborations currently being considered can help to
address these shortcomings, though not without risks. The report offers
some important points for donors to contemplate as they collaborate to
support international media development.
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