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Eva-Maria Senftleben eva-maria.senftleben at dw.com
Di Sep 24 14:42:25 CEST 2019

Dear FoME members,

DW Akademie would like to bring two new publications on investigative 
journalism to your attention.

How to Fund Investigative Journalism provides high-level practical advice 
— from experienced donors and experts from the field — to help new, 
prospective or curious donors find out how to get started, and what is 
important to do — and not to do. Rooted in 17 in-depth expert interviews 
and wide-ranging research, the report sets out the big-picture challenges 
and opportunities facing the investigative journalism field both in 
general, and in specific regions of the world. It provides donors with an 
overview of the main ways this often precarious sector is financed in 
newsrooms and investigative units large and small. Finally, it gives 
funders a succinct and accessible introduction to supporting investigative 
journalism around the world.

Download How to Fund Investigative Journalism here: 

What happens to an investigative news outlet after it has published a 
story with big impact and possibly made a lot of powerful people angry? 
How does this affect not only its security, but its editorial line, 
newsroom structure, its business plan? The DW Akademie publication After 
the Scoop - How investigative journalism affects media portrays nine 
investigative media outlets from around the world - among them Rappler, 
Aĝencia Pública, Premium Times, Atlatszo.hu and Mada Masr - and their 
strategies to continue to dig deep. While their circumstances and 
responses vary, they have one thing in common: proving that quality 
investigative reporting can mean business!

Download After the Scoop here: https://p.dw.com/p/3PXBv

DW Akademie will be attending this year’s Global Investigative Journalism 
Conference. At the world's largest meeting of investigative journalists 
from 26 to 29 September in Hamburg, DW Akademie will present these two new 
publications as part of a panel discussion. In addition, meet us at our 
conference table on September 26 and 27 at the HafenCity University 
Hamburg (HCU).

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