[FoME] Journalists's Toolkit on Sustainable Lifestyles

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Di Nov 5 14:23:04 CET 2019

Journalists' toolkit on sustainable lifestyles: with inspirations,
writing tips and visual aids
Brussels: CIDSE, 2019
Available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish at

>From the introduction:
"This toolkit is for all journalists and communicators who would like
to approach and delve into the topic of sustainable lifestyles. In here
you will find advice from people working in the field who shared their
perspective on finding the most compelling stories, visually
representing them, and reaching out to editors. Additionally,
professional communicators shared in this toolkit their experience on
how to talk to broad audiences about sustainable lifestyles, how to
catch their attention, and raise awareness.
This document was developed by CIDSE, the international family of
Catholic social justice organizations, in the framework of the
sustainable lifestyles campaign “Change for the Planet - Care for the
People”. CIDSE has been involved in climate justice for years, but only
more recently we started focusing more closely on sustainable
lifestyles. It seemed more and more urgent to stress that, additionally
to the changes needed at the political level, we also need to radically
shift our behaviors and personify that change that we want to see and
communication plays a crucial role in supporting and provoking such a
shift. While still being active at global level and lobbying for justice
in the political system managing climate, we also believe in the power
of people to create massive change with their coordinated personal

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