[FoME] Zwei Studien zur Zukunft der Medien in Tunesien

Michel LEROY micleroy at gmail.com
Mi Mär 27 11:31:43 CET 2019

Liebe Mitglieder der FoME-Liste,

I would like to inform you of the publication of two studies 1/ on the
training of journalists in Tunisia
and 2/ on the future of the written press in Tunisia
Both are available in French and Arabic on the website
<http://www.mediaup.tn/> of the Media support programme in Tunisia
(PAMT/Media Up). PAMT/Media Up is a programme funded by the European Union,
managed and implemented by the African Centre for the Improvement of
Journalists and Communicators (CAPJC), supported by the consortium composed
of Particip, France Media Monde, Deutsche Welle, Ansa and Article 19.

The *first study* on the training of journalists maps the different
J-schools, between the oldest university course, the Press and Information
Sciences Institute (Ipsi), and what is known as a "true-false universe of
competition" regulated endogamously by Ipsi. It presents the shocks that
the sector has faced (the democratic transition resulting from the events
of 2011, the increase in enrolment, the Arabization of education, the
Bologna Process, but above all the "unfindable professionalization" of
journalism education and the weakness of job opportunities. Twenty-five
recommendations are made to reform the sector so that it contributes
effectively to media development in Tunisia.

The *second document* presents an overview of the written press in Tunisia.
With circulation falling by 80%, advertising drying up, an ageing
industrial base, reforms that are slow and a digital transition just
beginning, could the Tunisian written press simply disappear eight years
after the events of 14-January? The study includes an analysis of daily
newspaper content to explain that the demand crisis is coupled with a
supply crisis. It also presents the exclusive results of a major readership
study on the press consumption habits of Tunisians. Again, thirty
recommendations are made to restructure the sector.

Best regards,
Michel LEROY
*Research Assistant and PhD fellow*
MEDAS 21 <https://brost.ifj.tu-dortmund.de/projekte/medas21/>,
TU Dortmund
michel.leroy at tu-dortmund.de
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