[FoME] Negotiating Journalism - Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia

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New anthology from Nordicom: Negotiating Journalism: Core Values and
Cultural Diversities
Editors: Elsebeth Frey, Mofizur Rhaman, Hamida El Bour
Göteborg: Nordicom, 178 p.

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This research anthology examines journalistic core values and how they
are perceived and renegotiated in Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia – and
one chapter includes Colombia. In exploring views on journalism’s values
and press freedom transnationally, the comparative chapters (Part II)
discuss and reflect on what journalism is. Finally, the case studies
that close the book (Part III) offer empirical examples of journalism’s
role in transitional periods and at times of ideological conflicts: When
the right to religion collides with press freedom and freedom of
expression, and when bloggers are killed for speaking out, journalism is
on the line. This book contributes to local and global discussions on
journalism and its core values in cultural diversities.

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