[FoME] The Kremlin's Platform for "Useful Idiots" in the West:

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 The Kremlin’s Platform for ‘Useful Idiots’ in the West: An Overview of
RT’s Editorial Strategy and Evidence of Impact
( http://www.europeanvalues.net/rt/) 
European Values Think-Tank presents a new Kremlin Watch Report,  “The
Kremlin’s Platform for ‘Useful Idiots’ in the West: An Overview of RT’s
Editorial Strategy and Evidence of Impact”, authored by Monika Richter,
Kremlin Watch Analyst. The Report is accompanied with an appendix
document, the RT Guest List.
This Report provides a detailed overview of the history, agenda, and
evidence of impact of the Kremlin-funded international broadcasting
network RT (Russia Today). In recent months, RT has come under
increasing scrutiny for its role in the Kremlin’s disinformation
campaign against the West. Unlike other agents of this campaign, which
operate primarily behind the scenes and whose ties to the Kremlin are
less overt, RT operates out in the open, pushing its pro-Kremlin agenda
under the guise of ‘free speech’ and ‘alternative’ journalism aimed at
counteracting the alleged bias of the mainstream media.
Thanks to this public visibility and its close ties to the Russian
government, RT is seen as the official ‘face’ of the Kremlin’s
disinformation campaign in Europe and the United States; consequently,
it often receives disproportionate attention and blame within Western
policy circles for its contribution to the Kremlin’s destabilisation
efforts. At the same time, many people in Europe and the US, including
politicians and other persons of influence, continue to exhibit
troubling naïveté about RT’s political agenda, buying into the network’s
marketing ploy that it is simply an outlet for independent voices
marginalised by the mainstream Western press. These ‘useful idiots’
remain oblivious to RT’s intentions and boost its legitimacy by granting
interviews on its shows and newscasts.
This Report aims to resolve these conflicting realities, first, by
identifying and describing the malignancies of RT’s editorial strategy,
which unambiguously qualify the network as a Kremlin disinformation
outfit, and second, by setting the record straight about the extent and
nature of RT’s impact, which is frequently overstated to the detriment
of sober analysis and apt strategic response.
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