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Convincing rebel fighters to disarm: UN information operations in the
Democratic Republic of Congo
By Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob
Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2017, 231 p.


>From Peace Propaganda to Information Intervention -- A Foucauldian View
of UN Information Intervention -- The Liberal Institutionalist
Foundations of Post-Cold War UN -- Between Propaganda and UN's Public
Information Operations -- A Brief History of Ethnicity, Conflicts and
Crisis of Citizenship in the DRC -- From Authenticity to
Governmentality: A Brief History of the Media in the DRC -- Radio Okapi:
The Making of a “Congolese Voice” -- Information Operations: Contents
and Metrics of Effectiveness -- Local Meanings and Perceptions of UN
Information Interventions Programmes -- No Intention to Return to Rwanda
-- Impacts of Dialogue Entre Congolais -- “Hutus are the ones that have
kept us where we are today”: When Psyops Backfire -- Revisiting
Unfinished Debates on Information Intervention.

"Nigerian researcher Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob compares the impact on people
in the Kivu provinces of eastern DR Congo of  United Nations
Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO) communication programmes
encouraging militia to return to the country and Radio Okapi’s
informative debate programme 'Dialogue between Congolese' at a time,
between 2008 and 2010, when Fondation Hirondelle was co-managing that
radio station with the UN. He concluded that the UN communication
programmes provoked emotional reactions that were not very favourable,
while 'Dialogue between Congolese' gave its listeners a better
understanding of the political situation and a sense of collective
responsibility to resolve the conflict."

(Sacha Meuter, in Newsletter Fondation Hirondelle, Nr.54, Winter

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