[FoME] New Publication: Development of a qualitative media research-method called "MediaMap"

Michael Waltinger m.waltinger at icloud.com
Mi Aug 9 12:40:58 CEST 2017

Dear list members, 

I would like to inform you about the most recent publication of an open access-article on a qualitative media research method that I was able to develop from my fieldwork of my still ongoing (currently: write-up) PhD-project on The mobile phone in urban Kenyan everyday-life <http://thinkbeyondborders.org/doctoral-research/>. Unfortunately, the article is in German only, sorry for that – but I have made an accompanying micro-website <http://thinkbeyondborders.org/mediamap/> with some images of the development and usage of the method as well as some information and an abstract in English. Also, here is a brief summary on the MediaMap: 

The MediaMap-research method

is an exploration of a qualitative media research-method that has developed from my ethnographic field research <http://thinkbeyondborders.org/doctoral-research/> on the meanings of mobile phones in everyday life in urban Kenya (Nairobi)
is a semi-structured, interactive combination of both an interview- and a mapping-method
transcends the mere verbal level of interview-methods by adding a visual and a tactile layer
aims for developing a holistic and contextualized understanding of media appropriation and media ecologies in their embedding in peoples everyday lives.
In case you may have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Also, I have attached the said open access-article to this email for your convenience. It may be quoted as: 

Waltinger, M. (2017). Die MediaMap – Eine explorative Forschungsmethode zur Entwicklung einer kontextualisierten Mediennutzungsperspektive. In T. Knaus (Hrsg.), Forschungswerkstatt Medienpädagogik. Projekt – Theorie – Methode. Onlinepublikation. Abgerufen von http://forschungswerkstatt-medienpaedagogik.de <http://forschungswerkstatt-medienpaedagogik.de/>.

Kind regards, 
Michael Waltinger 


Michael Waltinger 

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