[FoME] Reception and Perception of Radical Messages in Lebanon

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mi Jul 20 15:14:29 CEST 2016

The Beirut-based Samir Kassir Foundation recently published the pilot study "Reception and Perception of Radical Messages":

This study, conducted in Lebanon in the last few months, is one of the first pieces of research that focuses not on the source of radical messages and counter-narrative initiatives, but on regular citizens' media consumption patterns and perception of messages coming from radical Islamist groups as well as those trying to counter their narrative. Many well-intentioned communication initiatives have not delivered for lack of understanding of how citizens consume information.

We aim to conduct more research of this type in different environments to inform public policy and bring the focus back to citizens in the global debate on messaging and strategic communication. 

The Samir Kassir Foundation is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2006 and named after journalist Samir Kassir, assassinated in Beirut on June 2, 2005. The Foundation hosts the largest press freedom center in the Levant region, conducts regular media monitoring and media consumption studies, trains journalists on the coverage of sensitive topics, and provides assistance to journalists in distress.

Best regards,
Ayman Mhanna
Executive Director
Samir Kassir Foundation
SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom

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